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About Us

When a pregnancy ends with miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, medical termination, stillbirth or a baby dies within the first year of life, parents may experience anger, hopelessness, lowered self esteem and other feelings. It is healthy and helpful to allow parents to feel, name and express their emotions as holding in feelings may cause delayed grief reactions. The shared grief felt by parents, families and friends will be expressed in different ways as no two people grieve alike.

Finding supportive family, friends or professionals, who are able to listen, allows one to grieve in their own way. Taking time to work through grief in a manner that is right for each person promotes healing and health.

PAIL Network is a non religious, non political organization open to all parents and their caregivers. PAIL Network provides a variety of unique support services that have been tailored specifically to meet the needs of grieving families. The services are offered free of charge to bereaved parents.  The organization has developed and implemented education training seminars for health care professionals, caregivers, clergy and funeral directors on how to best support families.


Meet Your PAIL Network Board of Directors

Michelle Lafontaine, President
Dania Parker-Smith, Vice President
Laurel Ogle, Treasurer
Edie Edwards, Secretary
Shannon Bedard, Director
Amanda Oram, Director

PAIL Network Committee Chairs

Marketing and Resource Development ~Shannon Bedard
Governance ~ Chair:
Education~ Chair: Amanda Oram, Chair. Wendy Moulsdale, Education Lead
Peer Facilitation ~ Dania Parker-Smith



Jamie McCleary, Manager of Programs and Administration [email protected]

Lynn Davis, Manager of Programs and Intake Coordinator   [email protected]

Education Faculty Members

Wendy Moulsdale
Meghan Donohue
Cori DuHasky
Shawna Clouthier
Kendra Adams


Our History



  • Passed Bill 141: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, Research and Care Act
  • Hosted a two day volunteer workshop called “Connect” to bring the volunteers from across the province together to expand and explore new models of bereavement care
  • Approved New By-Laws and Letters Patent
  • Opened an Ottawa Group in co-operation with BFO Ottawa
  • Hosted its first Let’s Talk Pregnancy and Infant Loss in Woodstock
  • Launched a newly revised Subsequent Pregnancy Support Program in Leaside and Mississauga
  • Developed new protocols and support resources for women miscarrying at home and in hospital
  • Translated material in simplified Chinese and Punjabi
  • PAIL Network awarded a two year Ontario Trillium Grant to better support bereaved families across the province and invest in volunteerism.
  • Opened the London, Renfrew County and Petewawa Peer Led Support Group.
  • Launched the Pregnancy and Infant Loss One Day Sensitivity Training in Sarnia Ontario to a sold out audience of 60 healthcare professionals.
  • Hamilton Peer Led Support Group Opens.
  • London Peer Led Support Group Opens.
  • Illuminated Niagara Falls and CN Tower for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.
  • Our organization’s name changed to PREGNANCY AND INFANT LOSS NETWORK to better reflect the support and services our organization provides to grieving families. PAILNetwork was originally incorporated as Perinatal Bereavement Services Ontario (PBSO).
  • Sault Ste. Marie group opens.
  • PBSO celebrates its 10th Anniversary of providing support and education around pregnancy & infant loss.
  • Peterborough group opens.
  • PBSO receives funding from the Ministry of Citizenship to develop the online training and orientation sites.
  • PBSO accepted to participate as one of the Ajax Bingo charities.
  • PBSO hires its first full-time employee, Kelly McClatchey, as Administrative Assistant.
  • Bloor West support group opens.
  • First Facilitator Handbook is completed and distributed to groups.
  • PBSO receives its first Trillium funding grant.
  • First PBSO Membership Drive is held.
  • Markham support group opens and the first Subsequent support group opens in Markham.
  • PBSO website is launched. Brampton support group opens.
  • First RTS Bereavement Conference is held at Sick Kids Hospital.
  • First PBSO Annual Picnic and Silent Auction is held in Thompson Park, Scarborough.
  • First One Day Bereavement Seminar and first Parent Panel held, delivered by PBSO founders Ann Smith and Jan Pearce.
  • Scarborough support group opens.
  • First annual Walk to Remember is held in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
  • PBSO hires it’s first paid staff member (part-time).
  • PBSO publishes its first Newsletter.
  • First Caregiver Manual is created.
  • PBSO receives its first corporate sponsorship through the Wood Gundy Miracle Day event.
  • PBSO baby feet logo is developed; using the actual footprints of founding member Ute Nunes stillborn baby, Anna’s, own footprints. This logo remains an important symbol in PBSO identity.
  • PBS Markham officially becomes PBSO Ontario.
  • PBSO begins to educate hospitals and clients on the importance of creating mementoes.
  • First 1 to 1 Telephone support role begins. PBSO is now able to reach beyond physical limitations to connect clients province-wide.
  • PBSO begins education workshops using it’s own copyrighted materials; “A Baby Dies: A Coping Strategy” and “Miscarriage”.
  • First PBSO Candle Lighting ceremony is held. PBSO becomes a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • PBSO (originally PBS Markham) founded by Jan Pearce and Anne Smith and three others after the death of their babies.
  • First PBSO support group opens: Leaside (Central Park) group.